Helly Luv Wiki, Biography, Height Weight, Age, Boyfriend, Parents Details

Helan Abdulla is an Kurdish singer, dancer, choreographer, actress and model who is better known by her stage name Helly Luv. She began her career by uploading cover videos on social media websites like Myspace and YouTube. Helly Luv has since starred in movies, music videos and has released her own material. Gaining popularity from her 2013 single “Risk It All”. In 2014, she made her theatrical feature debut with Mardan.  She was born in Iraq and lived in United States.

Full Name : Helan Abdulla

D.O.B: November 16, 1988

Age : 27 Years

Birthplace : Urmia, Iran

Lived In : Los Angeles, CA, USA

Occupation: singer, dancer, choreographer, actress and model.

Hair color : Black

Eye color : Brown

Height : 5 ft 8 in

Weight : 60 kg

Parents : Unknown

Nationality : Kurdish-Finnish

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