Signa O’Keefe Wiki,Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Parents, Net Worth Details

Signa O’Keefe is an American muser. She was born on September 18, 2003 in Minnesota USA. She is best known for her account with a username of _sig  where she earned more than 750,000 fans on the app.


Signa O’Keefe Profile
Occupation : Personality

Age : 13 years old

Date of Birth : September 18, 2003

Place of Born : Minnesota

Gender : Female

Height in m : 1.6M

Height in ft : 5’4

Height in cm : 160 cm

Weight in kg : 42 Approx*

Hair Color : Brown

Eyes Color : Brown

Ethnicity / Race : White/Caucasian

Nationality : American

Official Account : _sig

Official Instagram Account :

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